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Sectors and Industries

Sports & Entertainment

The sports and entertainment industry is a complicated and fast-growing sector, that unlike other industries, it is made up of a huge number of diverse players across vastly different markets, both internationally and locally.   The industry covers business activities from sports events, tickets sales, sports medicine, sponsorships and merchandising to media rights and it unlocks new job opportunities for coaches, administrators, broadcasters, trainers, referees, umpires and many more.

At the same time, our team acknowledges that athletes, entertainers, and other key industry players are facing certain legal issues and challenges.  With our team’s deep knowledge and necessary experience with clients, we are able to serve the multifaceted demands of the sports and entertainment industry and to address the myriad legal issues.  At the same time, the sports and entertainment industry is expected to expand significantly and create new opportunities for businesses.  For this reason, our dedicated lawyers can assist the industry players to take advantage of the new trends and opportunities and to reduce the risks that can be exposed.  We can also help you make the most of your ideas and products, offering all the legal advice you require.

We can deliver legal services to clients in the sport industry, including athletes, football players, coaches, agencies, sponsors, investors, clubs, teams, and sports federations.  In addition, we provide services to clients in other related industries and markets including, national governing bodies, public agencies/bodies, event organizers, anti-doping organizations, broadcasters, sports social media platforms/sites, sports gambling organizations, esports organizations, sports activities providers and companies that design, manufacture and sell sporting products and equipment.  We can represent our clients in negotiations and out-of-court activities, advising them on various legal, regulatory, business, and commercial issues.

Our legal services range from contract negotiation and drafting, tax consultation, litigation and dispute resolution, Intellectual Property protection, business and finance transactions, product liability, personal injury, employment, leases, to structuring and forming business entities.