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Sectors and Industries


The fast-growing field of Nanotechnology, that involves a wide range of materials, manufacturing processes and technologies at the nanoscale, creates significant commercial possibilities for industries.

Nanotechnology has significant potential since it provides a wide range of applications in almost all fields including biotechnology, genomics, neuroscience, robotics, information technologies, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, electrical engineering. Healthcare, sports equipment, fabrics, electronic devices, and environmental remediation.

Nanotechnology will enable the development of next generation materials that are stronger, lighter, and more durable than the existing materials, as they behave differently at the nanoscale level, generating, thus, unprecedented results.

Our team is able to provide various types of legal assistant with the many applications and challenges this unique and multidisciplinary sector deals. We provide legal services to clients involved in developing, using, and licensing nanotechnology, including all areas of patent law.