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The growing FoodTech industry consists of any technology applied to the way the food is produced, sold, or served.  The FoodTech industry involves all the agrifood entrepreneurs and startups innovating on the products, distribution, marketing, or business model.

In reality, it has never been more difficult and challenging to be in the food industry, as the food production chain is long and complicated, and the pressure placed by the consumers is significant.

Nowadays, consumer demands have expanded, and the focus has shifted from convenience and consistency, to sustainable, nutritious, healthy, and fresh food that can be easily accessed and decrease waste, minimizing the negative environmental impacts.

In the coming years, there is a huge opportunity for food innovators to innovate and capitalize in the sectors of consumer food tech, industrial food tech and supply-chain & procurement.

Our team’s focus on food and agriculture innovation is of paramount importance.  For this reason, we work closely with clients to help them find solutions from how food is designed and grown to how it is delivered and consumed and on any other related matters.

We also provide legal services for technologies that could transform the food industry including, Blockchain, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), Artificial intelligence (AI).