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Foreign Exchange (Forex)

The increasing cross-border businesses that have resulted from technological advancements, have highlighted the importance of the foreign exchange market. A global, decentralised market for the trading of currencies, that determines foreign exchange rates for every currency, with the sole purpose of assisting international trade and investments.

Activities in such market platforms include buying, selling and exchanging currencies, at current or determined prices, through various financial institutions that provide for the buyer multiple choices of financial routes to follow. Its huge trading volume that leads to high liquidity, as well as its continuous operation on weekdays, are few of the factors that render the foreign exchange market the most ideal market to compete in. This market is also known for its accessibility, with participants ranging from amateur traders to large financial institutions, including central banks.

However, when exchanging currencies, participants bear the foreign exchange risk whereby losses may be incurred to a large financial transaction due to currency fluctuations to the currencies involved in the transaction. Such risk may also heavily affect the financial stability of investors, and cross-border businesses of products or services. It is important to note that the foreign exchange risk is one of the many risks that participants are incurred with when trading currencies on such exchange platforms.

Our team of experienced lawyers in FinTech, digital currencies and data security and protection, recognises the importance of exchanging money with the minimum risk possible. We advise our clients in order to ensure that international investment operations, as well as imports and exports are carried out in accordance with current regulations.

Our services include:

  • Performing due diligence and compliance on trade-related aspects of major transactional operations
  • Representation and support in exchange processes before the administrative and jurisdictional authorities
  • Structuring and execution of exchange operations
  • Provision of advice on matters of recovering traders’ funds lost due to a breach of legislation or Forex irregularities
  • Advising on legal risks associated with any transactional operations
  • Provide alternative ways of restructuring existing investments in order to ensure the financial stability of your business