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Compliance and Regulatory


Education law covers, and applies to, a wide range of activities and actors, including private or public schools and universities, private institutes, academies, non-governmental organizations, charities, local and governmental authorities, teaching and academic staff, and students. The education regulatory framework is constituted by education legal provisions as well as supplementary and additional frameworks that impact the operation of education institutes and organizations.

Our law firm has the experience, deep knowledge, and close connection with education institutes, with special involvement in e-learning and digital education. Drawing on our experience and knowledge in the field, we offer services that anticipate and meet all legal, regulatory, and policy demands for our clients.

Our practice is extensive, varied, and comprehensive. We offer strategic consultation, and compliance advice for the establishment and accreditation of schools, universities, and education institutes, their governance, and management, for employment and benefits matters, tax exemptions and benefits, assessment of institutes’ legal status, advice to NGOs, bidding and procurement processes, financial matters and education funding (grants, subsidies), privacy, data protection and freedom of speech, intellectual property, brands, student matters, and special needs.

Our law firm offers practical and well-informed solutions to the extensive scope of education-related regulations. We draft and consult on policies, agreements, and education structures to bring them in line with the relevant regulations. Our advice is attuned to the unique demands of the education field. We coordinate our clients’ actions with all applicable regulations, making sure to follow the standards and practices of the regulatory and competent authorities.

Our professional and comprehensive consultation means that our clients can focus on their educational objectives with regulatory confidence and certainty.