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Corporate Governance and Shareholder Engagement

As experts in corporate law and practice, we offer a comprehensive set of services and advice on corporate matters. We advise on the proper operation of a company’s constituencies and the regulation of the relationships that emerge thereof.

We ensure that the relations between shareholders and shareholders and management are regulated in a way that is conducive to the smooth and successful operation of the company. We lead all negotiations, advise on shareholders’ matters, and prepare all relevant documentation to legally support these relations. Our input in shareholders’ relations is comprehensive, taking into account the pertaining legal aspects as well as the commercial needs for this type of relations. Particularly, we advise on types and classes of shares, shareholders’ exit, and entry mechanisms, drag along, tag-along rights, deadlock matters, dividend policy, shareholders’ decision-making power for specific classes of decisions, on the dynamic between shareholders and management.

Within this context, we offer legal guidance on governance matters for companies. For public companies, we also handle the regulatory component of governance, achieving full compliance with the rules and regulations in place.

Drawing on our experience from our extensive involvement with startup projects, we offer specialized advice to founders/shareholders and management of such projects, accounting for the specific needs that arise in this context: we carefully consider the contributions of each founder, we suggest various mechanisms for the founders’ commitment and involvement to the project from its early stages until its launch or various ways to regulate the entry to and exit from the company, we protect the interests of the founders or investors/venture capitalists, as the case may be, where investments are made to the company.

Our services in the area cover the following:

  • Preparation and review of articles of association for governance matters
  • Operation and review of shareholders’ agreement
  • Advice on shareholders’ rights and allocation of decision-making power
  • Advice on the relationship between management and shareholders
  • Advice on share capital and share rights
  • Specialized advice on shareholders’ relations in the context of startup companies
  • Advice and compliance with governance matters, for both private and public companies

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