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Media Agreements

Content creators, producers, publishers in music, film, television, theatre, advertising, and in other digital, online, and novel channels need to protect their interests, reputation, and content. The media sector involves many actors, interests, rights, intellectual property, and branding matters. These are often conflicting and overlapping, resulting in costly, business-hindering, and time-consuming disputes.

Our team, with highly regarded commercial experience and expertise especially for intellectual property and branding strategies, provides a full range of services regarding the creation, exploitation, and monetization of content created in the media and entertainment industry in either the Print Media, Broadcast Media, Outdoor and out-of-home media or the Internet.

To prevent disputes and achieve seamless media business operations, our team ensures that media relationships are structured and governed properly, through clear and appropriate agreements. The advent of new technologies impacts media content, and as lawtech experts, we can accommodate such developments.

Media agreements and areas on which we offer full legal services are:

  • Copyright exploitation, performers’/creators’ rights, royalties
  • Producers’/Publishers’ rights, Production/Co-production agreements
  • OTT services, streaming platforms, on-demand, and subscription-based services
  • Advertising and brand consultation
  • Media buying agreements
  • Television Advertising Agreements
  • Radio Advertising Agreements
  • Outdoor Advertising Agreements
  • Transit Advertising Agreements
  • Cinema and Video Advertising Agreements
  • Internet Advertising Agreements
  • Integration and implication of novel technologies to media arrangements
  • Rent, employment, independent-contractor agreements for film, theatre, television

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