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Outsourcing has become popular with many businesses seeking to reduce costs, refocus their business objectives, improve their services’ quality. The need for outsourcing has also increased because of the rise of new sectors, expertise areas, as influenced by technology development and evolution.

While outsourcing achieves significant efficiency gains, operational and organizational advantages, and better services, the process of doing so involves serious considerations.  Our expert lawyers help our clients consider all relevant factors and legal concerns connected with outsourcing, as well as potential outsourcing models, either through intra-group reorganization (dedicated group company) or through an external outsourcing partner. These considerations are extensive and wide-ranging: intellectual property ownership in outsourced activities, governance, legal liability, risk allocation, cooperation provisions, tax implications for intra-group outsourcing.

We consult on the adoption of outsourcing-based business models and operations by weighing and accounting for the commercial and legal issues arising thereof. Also, we advise businesses offering outsourced services by protecting their interests in their services and contribution.

Our services in the area include:

  • Consultation on the appropriateness of outsourcing, risk assessment for outsourcing.
  • Consultation on models of outsourcing (external or intra-group).
  • Reorganization for intra-group outsourcing (establishing company divisions, subsidiaries, connected companies), tax advice, and planning.
  • Preparation, review, and negotiation of outsourcing/services’ agreement.
  • Intellectual property and branding protection and management in outsourcing arrangements.
  • Consultation on governance in the outsourcing context.

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