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Sponsorships, Endorsements, and Promotions

Receiving sponsorships, endorsements, and promotional opportunities help brand development. In their endeavor to build their name, image, and brand, clients seek these opportunities.

Our team is well-versed in advising on sponsorship and endorsement deals, promotional strategies, product placements, brand marketing. Genuinely interested in building and protecting the brand and image of our clients as valuable business assets, we ensure that our clients’ efforts in forwarding, marketing, and promoting their business name and product are made with legal caution and to their interest. At the same time, we represent sponsors, closing deals with beneficial terms and all legal protections in place.

Our expert practice and knowledge mean that we serve a wide range of areas involving sponsored content, from sports and entertainment industries to new media and online content providers. Our legal guidance on brand marketing and promotions is, similarly, expansive, covering conventional promotional channels as well as mobile, digital, and novel distribution platforms.

Our lawyers serve our clients for the following:

  • Preparation, review, negotiation of promotion, sponsorship, endorsement agreements
  • Brand marketing, and content distribution, publication, or publishing agreements
  • Negotiation and handling of product placement
  • Consultation and preparation of compensation provisions (base compensation and bonus)
  • Consultation on exclusivity
  • Consultation to sponsors, promoters, publishers, brand developers