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Trusts and Trust Law

Trusts enable effective and flexible arrangements for asset and property management, holding, and protection, ranging from small, local, and family context, to large, business, and international context. Cyprus attracts and facilitates trust structures, aided by the established English-derived equity and trusts legal framework and the domestic legislation implementing best international trust practices and principles. The generally business-conducive framework in tandem with the well-functioning and highly reputable trust regime renders Cyprus a preferred trust jurisdiction for trust arrangements.

Our law firm, with experience in such trust arrangements, assists our client’s plan, design, and implement trust structures to achieve their objectives. Such objectives are as wide as securing significant tax efficiencies, ensuring effective management, and maintaining confidentiality, estate planning, holding property for family successors, or retaining enjoyment and control interests over the disposed of the property.  As experts in the area, we anticipate and provide all necessary legal consultations and actions to cater to the needs of our clients in a way that allows them to properly determine and achieve their objectives.

Our services include:

  • Setting up domestic, international, offshore trusts, complying with any applicable requirements for each case
  • Consultation on the residency of settlors, trustees, beneficiaries
  • Consultation on administration and management of trusts
  • Tax planning through trust arrangements
  • Consultation on trust arrangements to secure the confidentiality

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