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Intellectual Property


Copyright is a right granted to the owner of original work, such as to exclusive use of that work for a period limited by law. Some examples of copyright works are novels, photographs, poems, movies, lyrics to a song, paintings, music, artistic and literary words, creative product packaging, etc.  Copyright protection vests automatically and there is no need as such for the owner to register his right to benefit from protection. However, owners should undertake the informal procedure for further establishing their protection of copyright, to use it in the future, when their copyright will need to be proven.

Our team specializes in the protection of copyright in software and other technological tools and solutions.

We can offer the following services: 

  • Copyright registration by using a blockchain-based solution to achieve effective, tamper-proof, and time-stamped recording of data evidencing the existence of copyright
  • Copyright registration by undertaking the preparation and drafting of an affidavit on behalf of the owner and lawyer’s declaration, which shall certify that the lawyer keeps safe the owners’ idea in a sealed envelope for future use