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Intellectual Property

Cyprus Intellectual Property Box Regime

The Cyprus IP box provisions may, potentially, benefit the owners of IP rights in terms of lenient tax treatment. The IP box provisions are separated into the old regime, which includes a wider range of qualifying intangible assets (i.e. IP rights), and the new regime which restricts the qualifying intangible assets.

Our team can offer the following services: 

  • The advice within the context of IP protection on the applicability of the IP box regime
  • Preparation and structuring of relevant plans (involving, for example, IP holding companies) to allow our clients to fully enjoy the tax incentives offered for Intellectual Property rights
  • Preparation of documentation to strengthen the applicability of IP box regime to our clients’ project and obtain a relevant IP tax benefit
  • Preparation of opinion to support IP-tax benefit claim or appeal before tax commissioner
  • Drafting legal opinions and objections to the Tax Commissioner, supported by our winning history