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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, robotics, and other types of automation are increasingly being adopted by organizations and firms. The adoption of these emerging technologies leads to a disruption of existing markets and business models or even to their displacement resulting in the creation of new products and services and innovative infrastructures and new market values.

AI companies are constantly trying to find solutions for firms and organizations in different sectors and industries to enable them to transform and achieve their laborious tasks in a faster and more accurate way. Our role is critical in advising AI companies and we enjoy working closely with them to assisting them to deal with their internal Intellectual Property issues, as well as with the Intellectual Property issues that may arise with their clients, collaborators, and third parties.

Further to the above, our team can offer the following services: 

  • Registration of all kinds of registrable Intellectual Property Rights and brands nationally, within Europe, and internationally.
  • Drafting, reviewing, negotiating, and advising on commercial agreements for the exploitation of AI solutions products, such as Cooperation Agreements, Collaboration Agreements incorporating licensing of AI solutions
  • Drafting, reviewing, and advising on standard Terms and Conditions documents attached to the Proposal Agreements for the provision of AI solutions and products