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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Infringement and Corporate Reputation Protection

In general terms, IP infringement is any breach of intellectual property rights.

IP rights are infringed when a work protected by IP laws is used, copied, or otherwise exploited without having the proper permission from a person who owns those rights.

Examples of IP infringement are “counterfeiting” and “piracy.”

Intellectual property rights such as patents, trademarks, brands, design, trade secrets, know-how, and copyrights are often a business’s most valuable asset, but they can be difficult to protect. Our team understands the critical importance of these valuable resources and we provide specialized investigative expertise and substantial experience necessary to protect them. We advise on (and help you put in place) strong IP to dissuade infringement. However, where this isn’t sufficient, our intellectual property attorneys can take all required legal measures.  Wherever possible, we’ll seek the most cost-effective course of action to protect our client’s IP interests. At our Law Tech firm, we assist our clients by identifying the infringement of their intellectual property assets, as well as by identifying the individuals and organizations behind intellectual property infringement and acting to negate these threats.

 Our services include:

  • Detection of infringement
  • Identification of threats
  • Undercover penetration of infringing organizations
  • Surveillance of infringing individuals
  • Service of cease and desist letters
  • Acquiring voluntary surrender of counterfeit materials
  • Special remedies