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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Licensing

During the commercialization and exploitation of Intellectual Property and technology-related assets, the most frequently asked service from our Clients is the drafting, negotiating, reviewing, and consulting about any type or form of Intellectual Property Licensing Agreements

Our team may assist its clients from the very early steps, before commencing negotiations, during the process of negotiation until closing, or during the enforcement and termination of their contractual or other relations.

Indicatively we may provide various types of Intellectual Property Licensing Agreements with the following special characteristics:

  • Cross-border transactions
  • Exclusive and non-exclusive licensing
  • Revocable and non-revocable
  • Different types and forms of licensing
  • Special advice on royalties depending on our clients’ business model
  • Special rights involved
  • Royalty-free, or advising on different methods of obtaining or offering royalty fees
  • Specialized licenses provided depending on the industry and context of the business
  • Worldwide regional
  • Tailor-made to cover both parties commercial and other needs