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Intellectual Property

Pharmaceutical and MedTech Branding

We can provide our legal expertise and advice to pharmaceutical and medical device clients in a wide range of legal issues that emerge during all phases of development, commercialization & exploitation of a business. Among other services, we advise on the complicated transactions of selecting, clearing, protecting, and obtaining compliance approval.  We also represent our clients in disputes and enforcement matters worldwide.

Our team can provide the following legal services:

  • Advise clients on the registration process, to secure names that will be functional and become strong brands
  • Undertake the execution of trademark searches in foreign trademark registries and pharmaceutical databases, to prevent any future conflicts and other risks
  • Undertake the procedure of conducting preliminary trademark searches, trademark searches, preparing, submitting trademark applications before the relevant Trademark Offices Worldwide, monitoring, reporting the status of each application, reporting, until receiving and forwarding registration certificate to clients
  • Advising during due diligence procedures on transactional issues such as licensing, commercialization agreements, and joint marketing agreements
  • Represent and defend Clients in third party infringement claims and cases