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Intellectual Property

Startup Intellectual Property

There are numerous start-up businesses in our esteemed clientele, and we are indeed working passionately to serve their needs, especially during their first steps.  It is with pleasure we are serving innovative and tech start-ups and we always make sure from the very beginning of the provision of our services that their Intellectual Property is the most important and asset they own.

Most of our services concerning the above include the following: 

  • Advising on and executing the registration of all kinds of registrable Intellectual Property Rights nationally, within Europe, and internationally
  • Drafting, reviewing, and advising on Intellectual Property Assignment Agreements
  • Drafting, reviewing, negotiating, and advising on various Agreements dealing with the commercialization and exploitation of their product or service, such as Intellectual Property Assignment Agreements, Software as a Service Agreements (SaaS), Collaboration Agreements
  • Drafting, reviewing, and advising on standard Terms and Conditions documents attached to the Proposal Agreements for the provision of their solutions and products

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