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Intellectual Property

Trademarks Registration, Protection, and Branding

Branding assists corporates in being identifiable via its products and being distinguishable from other products or services. A trademark is one of the most important valuable corporate intellectual propertyassets, as based on it, customers can distinguish the goods or services of one manufacturer (service provider) from the goods and services of other competitors. Trademarks have played vital roles in establishing global reputations and building brands. Trademarks are words, names, logos, symbols, and any such signifiers.

  • Among other services, our team can offer quality advice and all kind of services concerning every kind of Intellectual property including trademarks and brands. Our team is trained to deal with registrations of trademarks and brands in Cyprus, Europe, and Internationally, as well as management of Trademarks, searches and handle all kinds of disputes concerning Trademarks.
  • Our team may undertake the procedure of conducting preliminary trademark searches, trademark searches, preparing, submitting trademark applications before the relevant Trademark Office, monitoring, reporting the status of each application, reporting, until receiving and forwarding registration certificate to clients. Also, we execute the relevant procedures for the renewal of each trademark and the renewal periods can differ depending on the country or territories in which the trademark is held.