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Franchise Litigation

Apart from assisting our clients to allocate and arrange their IPRs and providing them during the Due Diligence procedure and the compliance with the Franchising Conditions procedure, we can also provide our services when it comes to Franchise Litigation. We are fascinated by providing pragmatic cost-effective solutions to franchise disputes. If a dispute cannot be settled out of court, we have the knowledge and experience to constructively defend our Clients’ rights and best interests before the court. We have wide-ranging and extensive practice in initiating or defending our Clients before the district courts of the Republic of Cyprus. We can either work to file and litigate for our clients’ legal claims or defend them in case any action is brought against them.  We may also represent our Clients before the Supreme Court of the Republic of Cyprus, as the case may so require.

We can represent our Clients in Franchise Litigation claims that are construed under domestic laws or European and International Conventions and our team works with clients on a wide range of cases such as:

  • Jurisdiction Issues
  • Royalty and Marketing Fee Disputes
  • Breach of the Franchise Agreement
  • Fraud and Misrepresentation
  • Breach of Non-compete agreements
  • Wrongful and Post-Termination Issues

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