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Data Privacy and GDPR

The importance of data in our technology-driven era cannot be overstated. The rise of data economy renders data a significant asset for companies. Business growth in today’s market depends on the effective use and analysis of data, since they are extremely valuable in the way they are collected, shared, used, exchanged, and analysed. Protecting data, and securing the privacy of individuals, are important considerations that impose restrictions on data-driven development. The stringent privacy controls and regulations match the significance and value of data in today’s economy. The complexity of data protection regimes, the increasingly demanding obligations imposed, and the significant repercussions caused to non-compliant entities render specialized legal support necessary.

Our lawtech firm is in tune with the latest data developments, offering effective turnkey solutions for regulatory compliance and anticipating regulatory change in the wake of emerging technologies’ evolution. We are aware that collecting, processing, using, retrieving, saving, retaining, destructing, and transferring data, especially outside the EU/EEA, or processing sensitive data, begs regulatory caution.

We possess specialized knowledge and experience in data privacy and in the relevant legal and regulatory regimes, mainly the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This means we are well-versed to prepare robust and compliant manuals and policies, which ensure that data is processed based on permissible legal grounds. We assist clients undertake these actions and implement business plans and policies that abide by all regulatory requirements and reflect best industry standards. Our consultation focuses on achieving compliance through effective and practical solutions.

We prepare privacy policies, integrate detailed privacy clauses in commercial transactions, draft necessary documentation for international transfer of data, and carry out special legal arrangements for the handling of sensitive data. Depending on the type of data and place of transfer, we coordinate and lead communication with the competent Data Protection Officer, ensuring regulatory compliance. Mindful of the horizontal effect of data issues in all commercial arrangements and business models, we offer consultation on transactional matters, handling the data regulatory component.

As a lawtech firm, we focus on emerging technologies. We closely monitor the legal challenges posed by the application of data privacy regimes, such as the GDPR, in emerging technologies, such as the blockchain. Our in-depth knowledge in technologies allows us to appreciate and drive change in data regulation for emerging technologies. Our leading position in data regulation means that we can accommodate the most challenging and demanding privacy matters, while enabling the most innovative technology use.