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Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)

Initial Public Offerings (IPO) constitute a significant funding source for companies. An IPO is heavily regulated; offering securities for sale to the public and listing securities on a public exchange must be approved by the Cyprus Securities Exchange and Commission (CySEC), after complying with an extensive and stringent list of regulations and requirements. Holding an IPO is complex, unpredictable, and challenging, requiring specialized knowledge and careful planning. Examining the desirability for an IPO, targeting investors, cost-assessing the regulatory burden, analysing the volatility of the IPO market, considering the uncertainties surrounding IPO, are only an indication of the breadth of crucial considerations that prospective IPO holders need to keep in mind before launching an IPO.

The stock exchange and capital markets are highly specialized areas, which are hard to navigate. The global pandemic exemplifies and exacerbates the difficulty in safely and prudently guiding the launch of a well-performing IPO. The success of an IPO rests on understanding the legal and regulatory issues involved but also fully grasping, assessing, and properly anticipating the business, and financial factors informing the operation of the stock exchange, capital markets, investor activities, and IPOs.

Our team delivers turn-key solutions and strategies for the launch of an IPO, starting from assessing the company’s need for an IPO and the IPO market, preparing a risk assessment, planning and designing the IPO with special emphasis on risk mitigation, setting up a public company or turning a private company to public, and handling corporate governance, to complying with IPO requirements, preparing a Prospectus or seeking Prospectus exemption, coordinating with CySEC and obtaining CySEC approval, assessing potential listing and stock exchanges options depending on the type of securities involved, the size of the company and a cost-assessment, complying with stock exchanges requirements, consulting on internal controls and preparing relevant manuals. Our proposed solutions and strategies are tailored to our clients’ needs and are comprehensive, covering all IPO steps and accounting for all relevant considerations. Our main objective is to ensure a seamless IPO process to enable our clients direct their endeavors to their company. Our team offers our clients the confidence and certainty they need to launch a successful IPO.