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One of the most talked-about technological developments lately is the concept of metaverse networks. Metaverse has been introduced as the next step to an evolutionary digital world as it allows us access to the idea of parallel universes that we can enter virtually. Some of the currently biggest tech giants have already moved towards implementing metaverse platforms, which already shows the potential of this development and the economic prospects the field of metaverse could have. A metaverse project can involve technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Blockchain technology, Interactive technology, the Internet of things, cloud computing, edge computing, 5G, 6G.


Such advancements constitute regulatory challenges as they involve multiple relevantly new technologies that power the concept of the metaverse and need to be addressed by the relevant people who have the right knowledge and expertise. We will be able to assist with any legal documents needed for the deployment of a metaverse network, ensure regulatory compliance throughout the process of developing and deploying the product as well as assist in all the lifecycle phases of the product and tackle any possible regulatory implications that may arise concerning the project.