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Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Augmented reality (AR), is becoming more and more popular and soon, will be an integral part of our everyday life. In short, AR is about an interactive experience of the real-world environment. In AR, tangible objects are enhanced by computer generated perceptual information, sometimes using multiple sensory modalities, including visual, auditory etc. More specifically, it is a system that basically fulfils three features which are: a combination with real and virtual worlds, real-time interaction and an accurate 3D registration of real and virtual objects. In AR, the overlaid sensory information might be either constructive (adding to the natural environment), or deconstructive (masking to the natural environment). The growth of this technology has been exponential in recent years and as a result, the AR provides the user with an experience almost identical to the one experienced in our real world.

Some years ago, we would never imagine that we would be able to feel that we are in a different world and environment than ours. Now, with Virtual Reality (VR), this comes as simply as playing a video game. More specifically, VR is about a simulated experience that might be either similar or completely different from reality. The most common applications of VR are entertainment, e.g .video games, educational purposes, such as medical or military training. With VR, users can have an experience of a different world than the physical.

AR and VR are two really similar technologies, but there are some differences. The biggest one, is that with AR you see your physical environment, and with VR you actually move to another world which might be similar or different to your physical.

AR and VR are two of the fastest growing technologies and anyone who is dealing with them needs an expert lawyer like ours. Important legal matters for technologies like VR and AR arise in areas like privacy and security. Our lawtech firm can fully understand how these technologies work, and their importance. Also, every business, especially small and midsized businesses(SMBs), needs great legal advice in order to avoid problems such as compliance issues and unnecessary costs. We can offer our clients strategic guidance in every step in order to launch and maintain a successful business.

Throughout our well-established network, we are able to provide introductions to investors and business leaders that can understand the particular needs of your business, and the challenges faced by an emerging company. Our multidisciplinary team consists of passionate experts in a variety of practices such as intellectual property law, contract law, corporate law, investment law, commercial law, consumer law, data protection, privacy and more. We consult in a wide range of issues that arise in businesses using AR and VR, focusing on privacy, data protection and (GDPR) compliance, security compliance and setting security strategies, general regulatory compliance, as well as wider areas that require legal assistance, such as capital raising, venture capital investments, mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, divestitures, corporate governance, taxes, employment and benefits, commercial contracting, the rights of debtors and creditors.