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Autonomous vehicles

Autonomous vehicles, also called self-driving cars, are undoubtedly one of the highest growing industries, and its progress seems unstoppable. In a few words, autonomous vehicles are vehicles that are capable of sensing their environment, and move with a little, or even without any human input.

As a lawtech firm, we understand the importance of this emerging technology, and we are ready to counsel our clients in every single legal issue that they have. Also, we know better than anyone the exact needs of a business, and especially a startup business, and we are here to offer our advice in order to lead your business to its success and growth, ensuring that you avoid regulatory issues and unwanted complications such as unnecessary costs.

With established relationships throughout the technology industry and financial communities, we are well positioned to provide introductions to investors, advisors and business leaders that are able to understand the particular needs of your business, and the challenges faced by an emerging company. Our multidisciplinary team consists of talented experts in a variety of branches such as intellectual property law, commercial law, contract law, corporate law, investment law, consumer law, privacy, security and data protection, that might arise in the context of automated vehicles.

Our experts are able to advise you in a wide range of issues such as copyrights, trademark, branding, commercial contracting, preparing and drafting legal agreements such as terms & conditions, cybersecurity, privacy, data protection, corporate governance, taxes, divestitures, capital raising, joint ventures, venture capital investments, divestitures, mergers & acquisitions, employment and benefits, debtors and creditors right. If you have a business operating in this area, we are here for you. With our experts, we will ensure your company’s journey towards its growth and success.