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Mobile, mobile internet

None of us can even imagine how our lives would have been without access to the internet 24/7, and that is the reason why mobile internet technology is one of the biggest technologies and advancements of the 21st century. Mobile internet is the technology that allows us to have access to the internet without using a fixed telephony network and using just a PC or laptop as in the past, but, using a mobile or other network and a smartphone, tablet, etc. In short, mobile internet is when you have access to the internet with your smartphone or other portable device using the same mobile networks that we are using for phone calls and text messages. Accessing the internet using a portable device is now reachable by using other methods such as Wi-Fi. Mobile websites are also called web 3.0 , which are accessible through a mobile browser.

As with every technology, mobile internet has some legal issues and restrictions. Some of the most common legal issues are related to privacy policy, personal data, security and more. So, everyone who is dealing with mobile internet needs high level of legal care. We are the optimal choice, in this regard. We can offer to strategic guidance to our clients for every step of the way in order to launch and maintain a successful business. With established relationships throughout the technology industry and financial communities, we are well positioned to provide introductions to investors and business leaders that are able to understand the particular needs of a business, and the challenges that are faced by an emerging company. Drawing from a variety of talents, our talented experts are always at the forefront of this fast growing technology.

Our multidisciplinary team consists of passionate experts in a wide range of practices including intellectual property law, privacy & security, data protection, contract law, consumer law, investment law, corporate law and more. We are counselling our clients in a variety of issues such as copyrights, trademark, branding, commercial contracting, drafting legal agreements such as licenses and terms & conditions, corporate governance, data protection and GDPR compliance, cybersecurity and privacy, internet law, and wider business and finance areas such as divestitures, mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, venture capital investments, capital raising, employment and benefits, relationships with third-party advisors, debtors, creditors, and many other relevant areas. We can also assist startups with every particular legal need that they have.