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Cyber – Data, and Privacy

The importance of data in our technology-driven era cannot be overstated. Data constitute a significant asset for companies, with large volumes of data circulating cyberspace every passing minute. Data are extremely valuable. In turn, their protection is essential. The complexity of data protection regimes, the increasingly demanding obligations imposed, and the significant repercussions caused to non-compliant entities render specialized legal support necessary. Cybersecurity attacks are quite common occurrences, which again begs legal advice and support to manage, respond to, and prevent.

Our team possesses the knowledge and experience to implement the necessary actions, processes, and policies in line with data protection regimes (notably, the General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR), cybersecurity regimes, and enable our clients to navigate cyberspace confidently, protecting their data and preventing any third-party data infringement. We ensure that any transfer of data, especially outside the EU/EEA, or any processing of sensitive data are made properly.

Our privacy/cyber expertise pertains to various commercial arrangements and transactions, where we assess and analyze all involved privacy and cybersecurity matters and risks.

We offer the following services:

  • Liaising and communicating with the Office of the Commissioner of Personal Data Protection
  • Preparation of privacy notices or privacy clauses/provisions for processing/transfer/use of data (for websites and in transactional context)
  • Advice, preparation, and drafting of privacy policies
  • Proper transfer of data to third countries (or organizations) outside the EU/EEA (including. sensitive data such as biometric)
  • Communication with the Office of the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection for data protection and transfer
  • Response to data or cybersecurity infringement
  • Legal support to data or cybersecurity checks made by competent authorities
  • Reporting to competent authorities

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