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Employment and Labor, Benefits and Compensation

Maintaining functional and conflict-free relationships with employees is significant for companies. Our team makes sure that employment relationships are based, first and foremost, on proper legal bases, ensuring the proper implementation of labor laws and regulations. We draft employment agreements intending to empower our clients’ relationships with their employees while avoiding the prospect of potential conflicts.

We also advise on any employment matters which might arise in the course of the company-employee relationship, including but not limited to the provision of benefits, assessing the applicable benefits and compensation regime, the termination of employment and provision of notice, ensuring the operation of proper notice periods, the applicability of the social contributions regime, health and safety policies, sick and annual leave considerations.

We have expertise in the intra-group transfer of employees, assessing the legal matters involved, drafting the necessary contractual arrangements, and following up all prescribed processes with the competent authorities to effectuate the arrangements. As a result of our significant involvement with multinational companies and foreign employees, we advise and carry out the transfer of foreign employees to domestic entities. To that end, we are well-informed on the latest developments in employment schemes and immigration policies regulating this area and have extensively consulted and effectuated the transfer of foreign employees to Cyprus under relevant regimes and schemes. Our focus on innovation translates into our specialized services for foreign employment in Cyprus businesses under startup schemes.

Following the advent of demanding privacy regimes, employment relationships entail important personal data considerations. Our team ensures that data processes and policies protect the data of our clients’ employees.

Our services in the area include:

  • Drafting of employment agreements
  • Advice on choosing between employment agreements and provision of services agreements
  • Advice on whether a working relationship qualifies as an employment or services relationship.
  • Advice on the applicability of benefits
  • Advice on salary, tax, and social contributions matters
  • Advice on sick and annual leave
  • Advice on non-discrimination, equality, and inclusion
  • Advice on termination of employment and notice period and drafting of a termination notice
  • Preparation of health and safety policies
  • Intra-group transfer of employees
  • Foreign employment in Cyprus businesses
  • Consultation on Cyprus startup scheme
  • Advice on employment and personal data considerations
  • Preparation of data processes and policies

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