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Fund Formation

Funds are significant vehicles used in many contexts and areas, not least due to the efficiency and tax benefits they afford. Legal assistance for the formation, structuring, and operation of funds must be specialized and well-informed on the types and structures of funds that are appropriate. Cyprus, with an EU-harmonized legal framework, enabling passporting, and an early established Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) regime, attracts funds, including investment firms, UCITS, AIFs, and their fund managers.

Our team undertakes all processes to set up and license funds and fund managers in Cyprus, or passport their rights for EU cross-border use. In this context, our team advises on the choice and establishment of the optimal vehicle which will run the fund. Also, we advise and assist with the Cyprus residency of directors and other officials of funds and their managers. We undertake the re-domiciliation of the funds and its managers, and their listing on markets, regulated or unregulated.

Our services include:

  • Setup of Funds and Fund Structures
  • Regulatory and Internal reporting
  • Compliance and supervision to Prospectus and Offering Memorandum
  • Investors and financial statements preparation
  • Advice and obtaining Cyprus residency of fund officials
  • Tax advice

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