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Life Sciences Collaboration, Corporate Partnering, Joint Ventures and and Licensing

The life sciences industry, with biology and biotech companies, pharmaceuticals, medical and scientific innovation businesses, and other life science companies, involves unique considerations and intricacies.

Our team offers legal services that enable the strategic development, deployment, and management of companies in the life sciences industry. Because of the partnering and collaboration scope in the industry, we draw on our corporate and IP expertise and knowledge to plan, structure, and consult on such partnering and collaborative endeavors. To do so, we apply the specialized and industry-specific knowledge required. Our consultation caters to the demands of all transaction steps, and all scientific and innovative product and technology stages.

We offer comprehensive services in the field, starting from the establishment, capital raising and financing, research, and development investment, tax, and legal structure, of life science companies, to their development based on potential collaboration, cooperation or partnering, the protection of their intellectual property, branding and exploitation and commercialization of such intellectual property.

Our services include:

  • The formation, management, governance, shareholder relationship in life science company.
  • Consultation on tax and legal structure
  • Identification of potential collaborators and strategic alliances
  • Consultation on collaboration and preparation, review and negotiation of collaboration, co-development/co-profit/co-promotion, co-commercialization, partnering agreements, joint ventures, and marketing agreements
  • Consultation on finance and investments
  • Intellectual Property Licensing (for all product stages), with specialized advice on royalties and royalty monetizations
  • Product acquisitions, structured acquisitions, spin-outs, and divestitures
  • Research, manufacturing, supply, distribution, and other services agreements
  • University licenses and other foundational in-license agreements

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