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Private Equity

Private equity transactions increase in volume, value, and complexity. Private equity firms and other investors, as the market becomes more and more competitive and complex, are in high need of time-sensitive and professional legal guidance.

Our expert team has the experience and knowledge to lead, structure, and close domestic or international private equity deals and transactions, advising on both highly valued and smaller investments, exits, and acquisitions and assisting various entities ranging from established entities to entrepreneurs. Our guidance is market-informed and attentive throughout the private equity transactions. We draw on our knowledge in capital structures and private equity to offer solutions which are tailored to the business needs and objectives of our clients

Our team offers the following private equity services:

  • The formation, fundraising. and management of private equity fund
  • Consultation on investment decisions
  • Preparation, review, and negotiation of acquisition, investment, shareholders agreements, and articles of association
  • Preparation and review of pre-investment documentation
  • Venture Capital services
  • Consultation on exit from an investment

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