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Antitrust Litigation

It is a usual phenomenon for Pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device manufacturers, as well as payers and providers, to compete in the market. We integrate our experience in antitrust and competition with substantial experience focused on our Client’s industries, to assist them in a variety of contexts. We have recently dealt with some challenging issues in the area of antitrust, which involved claims about:

  • Pay-for-delay
  • Price discrimination
  • Bundling
  • Product hopping
  • Exclusive dealing
  • Other exclusionary practices

The team’s litigators represent businesses and individuals in cases involving claims of price-fixing, actual or attempted monopolization, market allocation, price discrimination, refusals to deal, information exchanges, resale price maintenance, improper dealer terminations, and other alleged antitrust violations. We can represent clients in hearings, trials, and appeals in the Cyprus courts. We also represent cases filed by the Cyprus Government, as well as by private parties, and in connection with criminal or civil proceedings. We are able in taking quick action to file or respond to applications for preliminary injunctions, as well as to materialize major government investigations and complex, lengthy multi-jurisdictional class actions.

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