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Corporate and Commercial Litigation

Companies enter into countless contractual arrangements for their everyday operations as well as for their long-term business objectives. Companies require that their relations with their employees, suppliers, developers, clients, advisors, contractors, and other third parties are based on strong legal foundations to allow the seamless operation of their business.

We have wide-ranging and extensive practice in initiating or defending our clients before the district courts of the Republic of Cyprus. Whether any dispute arises about commercial agreements or corporate governance issues, we can represent you during those legal actions. We can either work to file and litigate for our clients’ legal claims or defend them in case any action is brought against them.  We may also represent our Clients before the Supreme Court of the Republic of Cyprus, as the case may so require. Our lawyers’ deep legal knowledge and experience on a variety of different technology commercial and corporate legal matters, consists of us as the suitable team to represent technology-centric businesses before the courts of the Republic of Cyprus.

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