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LawTech Tipping: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Fashion, Law and Intellectual Property rights.

LawTech Tipping

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Fashion, Law and #intellectualpropertyrights

I was approached by a Cypriot #fashion #designer yesterday who is looking into using technology to understand customers better.
“I am looking into what customers will want to wear and quickly monitor trends that the broader public will buy”, she shared with me. “And I know that AI can help me in this respect?”, she added.
“Indeed, user-driven AI fashion design may be a solution”, I replied.
“Training neural networks to understand clothing needs, style preferences, silhouettes, trending patterns, real-time fashion industry trends can enable the development of specific algorithms which can be used to create fashion designs aligned with the network’s preferences”, I shared. “In this way, you may create designs together with your AI #partner” I commented. “In this way AI and fashion meet”, I added.
However, the use of AI may raise #legalquestions and practical challenges for entrepreneurs and businesses in the fashion and generally in the #creativeindustries regarding #privacy issues and the #ownership of #iprights (intellectual property rights), as the line between human creation and AI-created technologies becomes blurred.
#Copyright is a particular area that is implicated in this respect; the question is whether the design is jointly owned or is solely owned by the human who contributed to the design.
It is therefore, of utmost importance to identify these legal issues and address them successfully, allowing fashion technology and innovation shape the future in designing and fashion.