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Compliance and Regulatory

Public Companies

Consistent with our expertise in corporate law and practice, our firm serves all types of companies. Within this context, we offer legal services to public companies. The regulatory framework for public companies is complex and derives from several laws, regimes, rules, and regulations, including corporate law and common law principles, corporate governance code, capital markets. The framework is often supplemented, clarified, and constituted by the circulars and directives issued by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. This renders the framework particularly dynamic which demands constant and expert legal support and guidance.

Our team ensures compliance with public company-specific requirements and restrictions, with the preparation of public company-compliant articles of association and structure. Public companies are also burdened with governance obligations or best practice guiding principles. Our extensive work in the industry enables us to consult on compliance with governance matters, maintaining constant and dynamic supervision of the governance practiced by our clients. Governance matters in public companies are extensive and wide-ranging; our support targets all these matters promptly and diligently.

Public companies operate in the capital markets. This brings them within the scope of CySEC supervision and capital markets regulation. The regulatory framework is complex and covers the prospectus laws [for Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)], transparency rules, investment laws, stock exchange rules (for listing to Cyprus Stock Exchange), market abuse rules.

Capital market obligations are extensive and regulatory supervision is stringent and often stressful. Our client-centric approach, unmatched attentiveness to the complex demands of the relevant capital market regulatory framework, and our experience mean that our clients are confident in complying with their obligations. We make sure to alleviate the burden of compliance, offering a holistic set of compliance services and undertaking all necessary legal actions, starting from the establishment of the company, the preparation of its constitutional documents, to compliance with all capital market law in applicable circumstances, and supervision of, and compliance with, continuous reporting and disclosure obligations. Our clients are assured of our competence to deal with all the stages of their regulatory needs.

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