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Guide on the use of Artificial Intelligence-based tools by lawyers and law firms in the EU


Guide on the use of Artificial Intelligence-based tools by lawyers and law firms in the EU.

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A guide on the use of AI by lawyers and law-firms in Europe was published by the CCBE and the European Lawyers Foundation (ELF) on the 31st March 2022 under the project AI4Lawyers. This is a guide that has been launched with the purpose of educating and informing people of the legal field on the idea of AI, its use and different AI related matters. It explains the impact AI can have on legal firms and the opportunities it can provide to the industry as well as the challenges and risks that may arise along with the introduction and implementation of the technology to the legal field. The guide also mentions how Legal firms can benefit from the use of AI tools like chatbots and speech to tech tools along with some basic Tech terminology that is defined and some background that is given on the way AI works, which needs to be understood before the technology of AI is implemented. Scenarios on the use of AI by legal firms are also presented within the guide to give examples of the use of AI. These consist of scenarios on client meetings, when a lease agreement is needed quickly, preparing for court work and certain other situations that may arise and could be dealt with by using AI.

This guide mainly tries to bring technology (AI specifically) closer to the legal sector on the side of understanding and using it and not just regulating it. However, it does considers the relevant legal challenges like Privacy on the use of data that is processed by AI tools and confidentiality threads of client data that can be accessed by 3rd parties. The presented guide provides a great understanding of the concept of AI and allows individuals to become familiar with the technology in order to be able to establish a more technologically advanced way of proceeding with legal tasks.


The guide can be accessed here.